• Keyword counts are provided as a guide. Post counts for each keyword vary depending on the popularity of that keyword in the data and filters used.¬†Keywords are limited for Analyst plans only.
  • Instances are guaranteed to store the number of posts indicated in the plan type.
  • Data is overwritten from the oldest post once the data limits are reached. The Enterprise and Custom plan includes the ability to automatically archive data to an Amazon Web Services S3 storage bucket.
  • Technical support is provided during business hours (8am to 6pm AEST).
  • Product training is included in the Enterprise plan. WorldStack will deliver 1 training session for up to 5 analysts. Additional training sessions can be purchased for an additional cost of $5000 per session.
  • Ongoing feature development and bug fixes for Providence are included in the pricing. Where a customer requests a feature to be developed, the costs of that development are born by the customer. WorldStack retains intellectual property rights over any features that are developed.