Social Media Screening

Modernise your hiring process
and gain powerful insights
from your candidate’s
online behaviour.

Select candidates who align with your culture and values, prevent bad hires, reduce turnover and hire a workforce you can trust.

Hire Confidently, With
Social Media Screening

Assess Cultural Fit

Assess candidate alignment with your values, brand image, and reputation to minimise the risk of bad hires. Screen candidates against your code of conduct and social media policy and demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Gain Powerful Insights

Discover powerful candidate insights missed by traditional background checks like reference checks and police checks. Uncover cultural fit indicators such as bigotry, racism and misogyny as well as their interests, skills, qualifications and experience.

Compliant Hiring Process

Feel empowered with the confidence that you are creating a workforce you can trust through compliant digital footprint checks. Avoid missing cultural fit insights and the potential bias and discrimination that comes with DIY information gathering.

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