Risk Intelligence

Gut feeling, intuition,
call it what you will.

In some cases that feeling will lead you toward the right decision. Sometimes it doesn’t. Our risk intelligence services provide you with factual information to support your decision making.

We apply the discipline of intelligence analysis to uncover important data hiding in plain sight to provide you with a concise actionable intelligence picture so you can feel confident that you (and your gut), are making the right decision.

Powerful insights to
guide your decisions

Insurance Risk

The number and amount of claims continue to rise. Underwriters are making decisions on insuring companies and directors without the full risk picture. Our insurance risk intelligence offering arms your team with powerful insights about market, company and director risk by applying open source intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques to surface, deep and dark web data.

Board Risk

Board members carry the responsibility of making decisions and managing risk for an organisation. Their behaviour has a direct impact on its success or failure. Our board risk intelligence offering equips your board with the intelligence it needs to make an informed decision when appointing board members.

Supply Chain Risk

Our supply chain risk intelligence offering arms procurement and security teams with actionable intelligence that helps them identify risks associated with brand, solvency, security, personnel, performance, litigation and regulatory matters for new and existing suppliers.

Merger & Acquisition Risk

Business, financial and legal perspectives are not enough when assessing a merger or acquisition. The emergence of social media and the internet has provided a wealth of information that can and should be used when conducting due diligence. Our M & A risk intelligence offering helps legal and business teams to discover risk indicators in online organisational behaviour and perception from the market, analysts, employees, clients and partners.

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