Cyber Threat Intelligence

The Worldstack Cyber Threat Intelligence solution provides your security team with actionable insights into spectrum threats targeting your organisation.

We have integrated threat intelligence, vulnerability intelligence, and SecOps intelligence into a single offering that provides you with a feed of tactical, operational and strategic intelligence tailored to your organisation.

Our service goes beyond technical intelligence to seek an understanding of motivation, intent and capability behind threats to deliver context-rich intelligence about the threats facing your organisation. You'll also be kept abreast of threats facing your region and industry as well as global trends in the cyber threat landscape.

Transform the Internet into an
actionable intelligence feed

Make better, more informed decisions

Having a complete picture of the threats targeting your organisation will help you plan your cyber investments, measure the effectiveness of your security controls, and ensure situational awareness for more effective detection and response. The WorldStack Cyber Threat Intelligence solution continuously monitors a massive amount of data across web, social media and dark web sources and transforms it into actionable intelligence.

Faster detection and response time

Timely intelligence helps you detect and respond to threats sooner, minimising the damage caused by security incidents. By tailoring the intelligence to your organisation and its technology stack, we help you filter out the noise and keep abreast of threats targeting your region, sector and industry. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence solution has been built by analysts for analysts to inject actionable intelligence directly into the planning, detection, and response workflows of your security operations.

Reduce time, cost and effort of multiple solutions

Staying across multiple intelligence feeds and the enormous amount of data across the web, news and messaging apps is time consuming, resource intensive and leads to gaps in threat coverage. Reduce costs and free up limited analyst resources by using our unified platform to meet all of your cyber intelligence needs.

The right information for each stakeholder

Technical, management and executive users need different kinds of intelligence to understand and defend against threats. Move beyond malware reversing and IP and domain reputation to truly understand the motivations and TTP’s of threats actors targeting your organisation. WorldStack’s Cyber Threat Intelligence solution combines our cutting edge technology platform with our expert analyst team to provide the right intelligence at the right time to the right stakeholders.

Meets compliance requirements

Threat intelligence is a key compliance control in security frameworks and standards such as ISO 27001. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence solution meets the requirements of these standards, helping you move towards intelligence led cyber security at the same time as meeting your compliance needs.

Intelligence Capabilities

Attack surface, brand, third party and geopolitical are optional modules that can be added on to the base service, which includes threat intelligence, vulnerability intelligence and secops intelligence.

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