A range of services to support you to achieve your intelligence outcomes

Our experience delivering intelligence services across Government, Defence, and Intelligence agencies means we are uniquely positioned to satisfy your intelligence needs.

Managed Intelligence Service

We combine the best of breed tools from a range of providers with our expert intelligence team to provide you with bleeding edge OSINT products.

Cyber threat intelligence

Actionable intelligence on planned attacks, vulnerabilities, emerging threats, threat actors, TTP’s and IOC’s tailored to your organisation, with context and recommended actions from our team.

Data breach monitoring

Most organisations monitor inside their network for signs of a breach. We can help you look outside your perimeter to detect a breach that bypasses your internal controls.

Investigation support

We can assist your team with incident response investigations including monitoring compromised data to detect further disclosure or attribution of threat actors.

Research and briefings

Have our team conduct research on your behalf or brief you on emerging threats, so you stay ahead of the threat.

Intelligence Consulting image

Intelligence Consulting

Building and maintaining an intelligence capability is hard work. Understanding your organisation’s position and what your next move will be can be challenging.

Virtual Intelligence Advisor

Provides you with access to a senior intelligence analyst who can help guide and mentor your team.

Capability Assessment

WorldStack will help you benchmark your current intelligence capability and develop a plan for uplifting it to meet your organisations goals.

Threat and Risk Assessments

We can help you understand the threats to your organisation and provide recommendations for dealing with those risks.

Intelligence training

Intelligence Training

Learn the tradecraft of open-source intelligence from our experienced analysts. WorldStack provides training courses that suit your needs, from beginner to advanced. We can tailor courses to suit your needs, classroom-based or online.

Introduction to OSINT

Learn the basics of open source intelligence. No prior experience or knowledge required.



Learn best practice around collection of open source data including targeting, collection techniques, handling evidence, image data, and OPSEC.


Analysis and Reporting

Learn the psychology behind intelligence analysis, structured techniques, cognitive bias, decomposition and visualization and checklists for workflows.

Group of people to deploy intelligence team

Deploy our intelligence team to help yours

Turn Internet data into actionable intelligence


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