Most organisations don’t look outside their perimeter for signs of a data breach.

HoneyTrace deploys virtual records into your databases so that when the data is published online, you can respond sooner, minimising incident response costs and reputation damage.

What does it do?

Monitor insider threats and third-party risk

Monitor insider threats and third-party risk

Detect when an employee decides to steal or publish your data online, or even sell it; it also provides a higher level of assurance that your suppliers are looking after your data.

Identify when your data was stolen, and where from

By deploying honey tokens to your most important databases, you can uniquely identify which dataset was compromised. Multiple honey tokens in a database allows you to see when the data was stolen.

Monitor insider threats and third-party risk
Monitor insider threats and third-party risk

Protect your brand and reputation

No one wants to find out about a data breach from a third party, or worse still, the media. By monitoring for honey tokens in near real time, you will discover the breach first.

Reduce your incident response time

The average time to detect a data breach is 200 days at a cost of US$3.5 million. The longer data is online, the bigger your exposure and greater the cost and damage to your reputation and brand.

Monitor insider threats and third-party risk

Why is HoneyTrace unique?

Deter insider threats

Deploy as a deterrent for insider threats

By deploying honey tokens, you reduce the chance that an insider will try and steal your data because of the increased risk of being caught.

Deter insider threats

Using honey tokens to detect a breach

Honey tokens provide a unique watermark that can be hidden amongst other similar data within a database. When a threat actor steals the data from that database and publishes it online, HoneyTrace detects the honey token and alerts the cyber security team.

Deter insider threats

Developed by a cyber consortium

HoneyTrace combines the expertise and technology of three SME’s that are leaders in their respective fields of open source intelligence, deception technology and cyber security monitoring and response.

Shift from reactive to proactive data breach detection

Shift from reactive to proactive data breach detection

By anticipating that your data may be stolen and actively looking for it online, you can respond alot sooner.

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