Turning public data into actionable intelligence

In 2020, more than 4.5 billion people are using the Internet. 3.8 billion of those use social media. There is 100,000,000 gigabytes of data on 1.75 billion websites and 3 million new posts are added to Facebook every minute. Google receives about 40,000 search queries a second on their search engine.

Hidden in all this data are business insights and intelligence that could help you make better decisions and ultimately win in your mission. The problem is that finding these insights is like finding a needle in a haystack. In this case, the haystack is the entire world of information that is available on the Internet.

The future innovators and market leaders across all industries will be the ones who can find a way to analyse this data and identify insights. Whether that’s intelligence for defending your organisation against cyber attacks, protecting your brand from reputation damage, or investigating crime, the Internet and big data hold the answers.

WorldStack’s mission is to help organisations like yours turn this ocean of data into actionable intelligence.


We help organisations of all sizes to protect what is important to them

“Worldstack ran a pilot to assist the Department in the detection of goods that present a biosecurity risk to Australia using open source intelligence and explore feasibility of an automated messaging capability for communicating biosecurity requirements to social media users”

Department of Agriculture
“Provided OSINT Tradecraft training services to The Commonwealth of Australia.”
The Commonwealth of Australia

“APAC Assistance leverage Providence to deliver risk intelligence to their clients operating in the APAC region”

APAC Assistance

“Provided Intelligence Consulting Services and OSINT Tradecraft training to the intelligence team.”

Federal Regulatory Agency

“With more and more candidates living their lives online, we have found that their professional and personal digital footprints can be quite large and complex. As an employer, screener or vetter, it is difficult to search, match and then importantly identify potential red flags without some level of automated help. CheckSocial offers a unique way forward. We are pleased to use their service.”

Heath Barker, Cleard Life

“CheckSocial has already helped several of our clients avoid a bad hire. It identified behaviours that did not appear during interview. This is exactly what Makesure does and CheckSocial has become an integral part of our pre-employment suite!”

Rob Wallace, makesure

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