Does the platform perform language translation?2019-04-10T13:51:11+10:00

Not at this time. We support searching in multiple languages, but translation of collected content is not yet available. We are planning on implementing this feature soon. Manual translation is available via use of browser plugins.

Are we able to copy or duplicate projects?2019-01-05T15:52:05+11:00

Yes. You can make a copy of an existing entity or dashboard within the platform.

Are we able to run multiple dashboards at the same time?2019-01-05T15:52:15+11:00

Yes. You can run additional dashboards in a new browser tab or window. You can also show all dashboard data in an aggregated dashboard and drill down into each entity from within a single dashboard.

Can you export the data from the platform into Analyst Notebook?2019-01-05T15:52:26+11:00

Yes. We can export data as a CSV which can be imported using Analyst Notebook. Seehttps://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSXVXZ_2.1.5/com.ibm.i2.anb.doc/import_specifications.html.

Can the interface be changed from a dark background so I can see the text more easily?2019-01-05T15:48:48+11:00

Yes. Currently, white and dark backgrounds are available. We are working on adding additional accessible features to the product in the future.

Can we export the co-ordinate data from the platform, for use in other third-party applications?2019-04-14T18:32:54+10:00

Yes. Supported export formats include CSV and JSON.

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