WorldStack solves a problem. We have built a capability that combines the best of human capability with best of breed technologies to unlock the secrets hidden in plain sight.

  • Data Driven – We collate data from across the web, social media and dark web, going much deeper than search engines can

  • Technology Agnostic – We use and integrate a range of best of breed solutions, so you always have access to the latest technologies

  • Outcomes Focused – Our findings power your decision-making

Our mission is to help our clients protect what is important to them by providing actionable intelligence to enhance their decision-making. This is fuelled by data to which they already have access, but not the tools to turn that data into genuine insight. Until now.

Worldstack OSINT Dashboard

Our story

Our Founders met inside a global infosec consultancy where a mutual fascination with the world of open source intelligence and cyber security got them talking about ideas for  automating the largely manual processes of collection and analysis for cyber intelligence.

WorldStack combines best of breed tools from a range of providers with its expert analyst team to deliver unique intelligence services for HR, security, and risk teams across government, not for profit, healthcare, financial services, retail, and construction sectors.

With the enhanced capabilities provided by our bleeding-edge technologies, our clients gain a competitive advantage and address threats and opportunities sooner.

Know First. Act First.

Meet the founders

WorldStack was born from a desire to speed up and improve the collection, analytics and reporting of publicly available data. Since then, the mandate has widened to include helping organisations better understand risks across the human, cyber and physical domains.

Dan Holman
Dan HolmanFounder & CEO

Dan is a cyber security expert and has extensive experience consulting on cyber security, security vetting and intelligence capabilities across the national security and intelligence community over more than 10 years. He has been the lead architect on a number of complex cyber projects for the Department of Defence.

Eric Flis
Eric FlisFounder & COO

Eric is an open-source intelligence and cyber security expert with over 15 years of experience in physical security, cyber security and intelligence. He has a Master’s degree in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. Eric leads the WorldStack intelligence team.

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