Whether it is protecting your organisation from cyber threats, assessing the fit of new hires or making more informed business decisions, our team can help you.

Who are we?

Our experienced team of intelligence professionals have backgrounds in defence, law enforcement, intelligence and cyber security. They have an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and are experts in online research and investigation.

Together with our access to a wide range of best of breed technologies, our analyst team can help your organisation better understand your risks and make more informed decisions.

We offer cyber threat intelligence, social media screening, and due diligence solutions for government, critical infrastructure, finance, insurance, healthcare, education, retail and other industries.

We help organisations like yours assess and improve their intelligence capabilities, assist with investigations and provide training to their intelligence team.

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Our Values

Chase the Outcome

We possess a consistent drive to achieve personal and professional goals.

Quality is

We value doing a good job.

Find a
Better Way

We challenge the status quo and look for better ways to do things.

Do The Right

We do as we say, trust our gut and keep our promises.


We plan for success and bring our best selves to work.

Never Stop Learning

We have an innate curiosity and desire to learn and understand concepts.

Our Founders


Dan Holman

Founder & CEO

Dan is a tech founder, entrepreneur and cyber security consultant with over 15 years of experience working in the government and defence sectors, locally and overseas. He is passionate about helping his clients design, implement and evolve their cyber security, investigations, due diligence, and risk intelligence capabilities. Dan holds a degree in computer science and post-graduate qualifications in cyber security, personnel security, IT architecture and business.


Eric Flis

Founder & COO

Eric is an open-source intelligence and cyber security expert with over 15 years of experience in physical security, cyber security and intelligence. He has a Master’s degree in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. Eric leads the WorldStack intelligence team.

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